A look back at one of our finest corporate regattas, delivered in September 2023 for a new customer.

The end customer, who was holding an annual seminar, was looking for an unusual team-building event to reward his teams, create bonds and integrate new recruits.
The challenge was met, as evidenced by the smiles on everyone's faces as they disembarked, but it also required considerable logistical input:

34 45-foot racing cruisers
34 professional and knowledgeable captains
7 semi-rigid "organization" boats to ensure boarding, entertainment on the race courses, safety and media coverage
Extensive land and sea administrative formalities to ensure smooth progress in strict compliance with our legislation.

The participants, almost all neophytes, were able to discover the handling of a sailboat, taste the thrill of the starting line and measure themselves against their colleagues.
They were in charge of their own sailing and every maneuver, and were able to appreciate the importance of teamwork and communication in boosting their performance.

The benefits of corporate regattas:
- Year-round.
- Challenge, quest for performance and team spirit.
- Enhances your brand and your employees
- Conveys strong values and creates a link: "sport - management - company".
- A low-carbon event that raises awareness and promotes sustainability.