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Add a dash of salt to your events!


After years spent separately donning our waterproofs and sailing the seven seas at the helm of numerous boats, we finally decided to put down anchor and settle into family life, seeking to explore another aspect of our business: nautical events!

Event organisers since 2007, we established Team Yachting in 2009 in order to combine our two businesses and share our passion for the sea with our customers, driven by the exacting standards inherited from yachting.


An observation: The sea conveys strong values beneficial to the image and message you want to attach to your event.

A problem: The success of an event at sea, a highly specific environment, demands unique skills and expertise.

A solution: We offer our experience and knowledge of the environment to ensure the complete success of your event.

Team Yachting Guarantees

Corporate guarantees:
Atout France Registered: IM 083 100 009
APST Financial Protection

RC Hiscox: Trip organisation HA 0238031
RC Axa: Nautical events No. 6254442604
Transmer: Passenger transport
Optional bad weather insurance

Maritime affairs:
Boat operator number: SPR 6774
Toulon company register: TL 060401
Licensed merchant navy skippers 200 UMS

Our skills

Sailing events agency

For whom?
Companies and private individuals.

For people seeking a turnkey event with the sea as the central theme.

Advice on accommodation and catering with direct sea access. Advice on specific maritime logistics. Advice on sailing activities adapted to your brief. Network of sailing partners.

Producer of sailing activities

For whom?
Agencies seeking a specialist.

Handing customers over to an outdoor activity service provider demands mutual trust.

Team Yachting produces and coordinates all its activities as white label activities = Confidence and Transparency.

Boat charter company

For whom?
Agencies, companies and private individuals.

Each event comes with its unique set of specifications and choosing the right boat is crucial to the success of your project.

Appropriate advice regarding the choice of boat from a selected catalogue:

  • Large capacities
  • Adapted layout
  • Specific regulations

Your partners

Géraud Le Roux
Directeur technique
Romain Lépine
Directeur commercial