A day aboard a yacht

Activity plus-points

  • Rewarding for your guests
  • Shared maritime values
  • Escapism / Change of Scene / Switch Off
  • Ship's crew on hand
  • Exceptional experience
  • Coastal backdrop

Team Yachting plus-points

  • Choice of boat adapted to brief
  • Advice on accommodation with direct pontoon access
  • Transfers
  • Advice on maritime regulations
  • Adapted operational coordination
  • Additional extras for your comfort

From 200 € per person

2 to 49 participants

1/2 day, 1 day, 1 week

Vessels for large groups

French legislation restricts the maximum number of passengers on nearly all boats to 12.
We have a range of yachts available licensed to carry up to 36 passengers, and as many as 49 in some cases.
So hesitate no longer and jump aboard for a cruise from Cannes, Monaco, St Tropez, Antibes or Nice.

Additional activities

All the equipment on the boat is at your disposal, but we can also offer a variety of exclusive activities for your group to enjoy from the boat:

  • Supervised jet skiing (permit not required)
  • Wakeboarding, water skiing, flyboarding
  • Well-being (massage, body and face treatments, barber's workshop)
  • Guided wine tasting
Our guarantees
  • Boat fully compliant with legislation for the size of your group
  • Advice to keep on-board costs to a minimum (delivery costs, fuel)
  • Preparation of boat and crew
  • Reconcile the world of MICE and the imperatives of the captain

A day aboard a yacht

For a week, a day, a lunch, time comes to a standstill, tongues loosen, smiles light up faces, memories are created. The sea has a unique capacity to bring time to a standstill so that guests will remember the experience long afterwards. The Mediterranean coast, its climate and its amazing yachts and motorboats combine to ensure your cruise is an unforgettable success.
Departures from Monaco, Nice, Cannes, St-Tropez, Marseille, the incentive activity par excellence.

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What people say

Sephora Beauty Boat ... it's over.
The Azilis agency wanted to thank you and your team for your involvement in this project. This shared moment was a real pleasure. So thank you for being professional to the end and you have been able to adapt quickly to your environment and situation. So thank you for this successful event and for this great adventure. See you soon …


What people say

Hello Geraud,
Thank you again for everything, the menus and the quality of service provided during these three days. We all enjoyed a lot
Good luck for the end of the season


What people say

Hello Géraud and Romain,
Just wantet to thank you and your team for the good operation on 4.9. Ther customer and the whole group was very happy with the provided services.
Have a nice day.

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